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VIP 플레이어들이 매일 1회씩 받을 수 있는 Hobbit Present, 그리고 106이상 지역에서 플레이하면서 획득가능한

115레벨 상자인 고르고로스 상자를 열었을 때 얻을 수 있는 아이템들의 정보를 아래와 같이 알려드립니다. 

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We at Standing Stone Games want to provide you with more information and transparency about some of the items available in the game's Hobbit Presents and Lootboxes, so you have a better understanding of what can be obtained. The information below will change over time as items are changed, and the systems themselves are updated.


Hobbit Presents


Silver Presents offer the following items randomly, with common, uncommon, and rare items:

Common Presents:



Rally Horns

Attack and Run Speed Boosts

Uncommon Presents:


Landscape Soldier Tokens


Enhanced XP Supplies

Rare Presents:

Stat Tomes

Universal Crafting Tools

Legacy Upgrades

Star-Lit Crystals

Crystals of Remembrance

Relic Removal Items



Gold Presents select from the items available in Silver Presents, but do not award items from the Silver Present Common items. Gold Presents also have a small chance to award a selection of items from a Gold Hobbit Present Only table that is not available in the Silver Present list, including:

  • 200 Mithril Coins
  • Tomes of (Stat) Bundle, which contain Stat Tomes one through five for the named stat.
  • Premium Relic Pack
  • 5x Legacy Tier Upgade (Scrolls of Empowerment)
  • Blemished Symbol of the Elder King

Hobbit Presents also include Gear based on your level.


Gorgoroth Steel-Bound 


A Gorgoroth Steel-Bound Lootbox will yield one from each of the following tables below. Each item has a different chance of appearing, which is explained in following the color-coded legend:

Very Common



Very Rare

Extremely Rare

The Free People Receive

One of:

Class-specific Gear:

Rare Equipment

Incomparable Equipment

Incomparable Essences

Legendary Essences


~ AND ~

One of:


Common Cosmetic Items

Rare Cosmetic Items



Crafting Components:

Common Ingredients

Rare Ingredients

Rare Refined Materials

Mastery Components


~ AND ~

One of:

Ash of Enchantment:







Monster Players Receive:

Monster Players:


Sigils of Battle



Class-specific Gear

Rare Equipment includes:

  • Armour and Jewelry "Of the Abyss" - Item level 337, 0-1 Essence Slots
  • Armour and Jewelry "Of the Wyrm" - Item level 337, 0-1 Essence Slots
  • Abyssal Weapon Coffer - Rare shields, off-hand weapons, and bows, item Level 337

Incomparable Equipment includes:

  • Armour and Jewelry "Of the Abyss" - Item level 337, 1-2 Essence Slots
  • Armour and Jewelry "Of the Wyrm" - Item level 337, 1-2 Essence Slots
  • Greater Abyssal Weapon Coffer - Incomparable shields, off-hand weapons, and bows, item level 337
  • Turca, Linta, Iswa - Item level 326, 1 socket
  • Flame Quenched Jewellery
  • Earring of Spring's Arrival - Item level 340

Incomparable Essences include:

  • Abyssal Essences, item level 337
  • Empowered Abyssal Essences, item level 345

Legendary Essences include:

  • Northern Stronghold Essences, item level 345

Monster Players

  • Consumables:
  • Aromatic Blood of Man
  • Aromatic Blood of the Fair Folk
  • Vial of Gundzor's Breath
  • Vial of Bûrzgoth's Strength
  • Phial of Mazauk's Resolve
  • Sigils of Battle
  • Commendations


Common Cosmetics include:

  • Pet Tomes of:
  • Agarnaith Wormling
  • Ash Frog
  • Banded Snake
  • Blight Frog
  • Coffee Goat Kid
  • Little Kid Goat
  • Plateau Mole-rat
  • Red Snake
  • Striped Snake
  • Yellow Snake
  • Avatar Cosmetics:
  • Amarthram
  • Elor
  • Locathol
  • Ornador
  • Frothskold
  • Defender of Mirkwood Cosmetic Set
  • Shields of the Valiant picker box
  • Housing Items:
  • The Floor is Lava
  • Destroyed Sauron Statue
  • Fish Pond
  • Watcher Cirith Ungol Statue
  • Water Statue Stand
  • Fell-goat Property Guard
  • High-elf Visitor Property Guard
  • Lasgalen Owl
  • Visiting Barber

Rare Cosmetics include:

  • Pet Tomes of:
  • Agarnaith Crawler
  • Gorgoroth Crawler
  • Diamondback Snake
  • Eager Beaver
  • Raincloud
  • Russet Hedgehog
  • White Peahen
  • White Peacock
  • Avatar Cosmetics:
  • Storrand Shield
  • Baingrist Sword
  • Laketown Guard cosmetic armour
  • Thrâng Cosmetic Weapon Set
  • Housing items:
  • Sauron Yard Statue
  • Seregost Spire Yard Item
  • Fellbeast Watcher Statue
  • Bones of Smaug
  • Occupied Outhouse
  • Mounts:
  • Osgiliath Steed Travel Mount
  • Elk of Felegoth's Glory
  • Steeds of the Tireless Box
  • Warsteed of Isengard

Crafting Components

Common Ingredients include:

  • Doomfold Hides
  • Log of Gorgoroth Wood
  • Black Adamants
  • Chunk of Doomfold Skarn
  • Tattered Doomfold Parchment

Rare Ingredients include:

  • Strong Gorgoroth Branch
  • Chunk of High-grade Doomfold Skarn
  • Piece of Doomfold Sealed Wax

Rare Refined Materials include:

  • Well-treated Doomfold Leathers
  • Strong Boards of Doomfold Wood
  • Refined Black Adamant
  • Quality Doomfold Ingot
  • Restored Doomfold Parchment

Mastery Components include:

  • Clump of Ithilien Peat
  • Pinch of Rare Ithilien Spice
  • Piece of Doomfold Bark
  • Bit of Pure Gorgoroth Ore
  • Gorgoroth Candles



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